And So It Begins……

The band played their first gig with the new lineup (and extensively revised set list so a few last minute nerves) on Saturday at the Neptune in Hove, and it went down a storm! The odd “moment” here and there, but it was clear to the crowd that the band were having fun so the crowd had fun too! Lots of laughs, lots of clapping and lots of cheers – what more can a band ask for eh? We even squeezed one more in at the end (thanks Roger!). The band were ably led by new front man Dave Martin who had plenty to say (“…and on bass and shoes(!) Mr. Phil”) and well supported by new drummer Chris Topple. For those of you that weren’t  there, more about the shoes another time…..

Lots of good quality audio recorded and some good video too: we’ll get some on here as soon as we can. It should be good to watch and even better to listen to.

We’ll be back at The Neptune later in the year,  next gig is the Ranelagh, Kemp Town in March. Hope to see you there,  as always, check the gig guide for details.

3 thoughts on “And So It Begins……

    1. Phil Post author

      Yes indeed! As soon as we can get the video on here you will be able to watch Rob blowing away for all he’s worth!

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