A Busy Weekend But….

A busy weekend last weekend, gigs both Friday night  at the Ranelagh in Kemp Town, and Saturday night at the Legion in Seaford. Two cracking nights, and both venues have bookd us again for later in the year: three dates at the Ranelagh, and a return to the Legion before Christmas on a date to be decided.

We also had a great rehearsal last night at PA Studios, our regular rehearsal venue (www.pabrighton.com) polishing and honing the first set. It’s sounding better every time!

PA Studios is a great new rehearsal space near Fishersgate Station run by Phil, who sings (allegedly)  in two bands so he knows what you need from a rehearsal room. Well worth a try if you are looking for some studio time: brand new rooms, really neutral with good kit and a friendly pleasant atmosphere (do I get the job now, Phil?)

Can’t wait for the next outing: not until June at this point, but the band are trying really hard to find something for March or April so watch this space. In the mean time we’ll keep rehearsing and trying out new material so  the gigs just get better and better!

2 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend But….

  1. Les.

    We went to both gigs. The Ranelagh as always good venue, good crowd, and a very good band. I must say getting better every gig, I brought along my mate Neil who plays in a local band, he could not believe you had only done three gigs with the new line up.
    The Legion I thought was the best to date, everything seemed right, the songs, sound and you have found a great front man in Dave. You will have to get Rob working hard for more gigs as June is a long way off. Les, James, Neil.

    1. Phil Post author

      Thanks for your support guys! You won’t have to wait until June: hot off the press is a new gig at The Poets Corner in Hove: May the 16th. Hope to see you all there.

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