Spring At The Snowdrop!

The last day of winter saw us make a return to  the lovely Snowdrop Inn, Lewes but it was almost the first day of spring by the time we left!  A smashing little pub with lots of quirky features where we really enjoy playing.  A good few of our regular travelling supporters, you know who you are and it’s always appreciated, plus some of my wife’s family all the way from Norfolk! Thanks ever so much for coming, and for staying right up to the end. Thanks also to the chap in the corner who’s name I didn’t catch (sorry!) who stayed after his dinner companions had left to watch us. When he said he “only lived over the road” I didn’t realise he meant exactly that, as he thanked us and was most complimentary then simply left the pub, crossed the road and went in through his front door. Now that’s what I call  a local!  Hope to see you when we’re back in September.

On  a more sombre note, a heartfelt RIP to dear old Chuck Berry, without whom most of us wouldn’t be doing what we do. Weirdly as we were packing up after the gig, his name cropped up in the conversation and Chris asked “Is he still alive?” The rest of us said yes he was, and then in the car travelling home I heard the sad news on the radio. Spooky, huh? At least he had a good run – 90 I believe, and still planning to release another album. I wonder if it will see the light of day? Let’s hope so.

Next up:  another great venue, The Neptune in Hove on April the first – yep, that’s right, no fooling! As usual see the gig guide for details and for all our upcoming gigs.