No Holds Barred At The Nep…..

Last night was an absolute flat out, hot, stonking, smasher of a gig at The Neptune in Hove. Livened up by a crew of folks from Rob’s workplace, the place was absolutely packed from beginning to end with folks who’d clearly come out to have a great time. And boy did they, which meant so did we, which meant so did they…and the great crazy feedback loop that happens when everyone is having fun at a gig meant the whole thing just got better and better. I’ve never had so many people make a point of telling me what a good time they were having and how great they thought the band are and how amazing it all was. Rob played out of his skin (showing off for your pals, eh Rob?), Dave was on great form and all Chris and I had to do was keep it all together at the back and enjoy the roller coaster ride! One of our best gigs ever at one of the best venues in Brighton for live music. The jug collection was staggering (thanks Helen, you know we really appreciate you doing it!) which was a real reflection of just how much everybody enjoyed the show. ┬áThe band can’t thank you all enough for coming and for making it such a good night. Without you all there’d be no point, and I can’t say often enough how much we appreciate your support. There was quite a lot of camera phone action on the night, and I’m sure there will be some video on here soon so make sure you keep an eye on here or our Facebook page!

Next gig is another lovely place to play, The Eagle in Arundel. Catch us if you can! Details as ever in the Gig Guide.