Double Header Weekend!

Last weekend was a great one for us – two gigs at two of our regular venues with very different flavours.

First up The Ranelagh in Kemp Town on Friday night where the usual music loving crowd supported us through the evening and kept us at it until well past the usual finishing time. Peter and his staff made us very welcome yet again, and we were pleased to keep going until we really really had to stop (sing along with me “Neighbours, every body loves….”) due to the noise and time limits. Fair enough, I suppose. They like us here so much they’ve taken our last free date for the year as an extra! Thanks Pete, for the support.

On to Saturday, then, and The Red Lion in Arundel.  A totally different crowd, party party, lot’s of folks young and not so young out on the town for a good old fashioned jolly night. The place was packed, and the temperature was through the roof.  We’re going to have to start changing shirts at the halfway break  when we play here as we were all dripping wet! Girls danced, someone appeared with a tray of shots and tried to persuade Dave to join them for one while he was playing and one girl even managed to persuade Rob to let her play with one of his organs! Well, she was on a birthday night out  after all. Happy birthday Jodie, we’re glad we made it a good night for you!  We’re not back here until December, but pre-Christmas gigs are always going to have a bit of sparkle…..can’t wait!

We’ve got a short break now, next gig is not until June 24th at a new venue for us The Franklin Arms in Brighton. Do come along and see us if you can, it’s sure to be a great gig. Details, as ever, in the gig guide.