A First Time For Everything…..

For the first time ever, I’m sorry to say that a gig has been cancelled by the venue. The Franklin Arms sent us this:

“Really sorry but we are cancelling all blues bands at The Franklin due to the fact that the blues jam no longer wish to play at our establishment any longer and have been told they are going back to the Ranelagh .
We feel we were taken advantage of and our establishment used until their needs were supported at their original venue. As we only booked blues bands in support of the jam and they do not go well with our punters we feel it is no longer possible to accommodate you. Apologies the management.”

A phone call unfortunately did not resolve the situation, it was polite, friendly but firm. They are very upset by the behaviour of certain people and would not reconsider, so the gig on the 24th of June is cancelled. We have one or two ideas, so keep an eye on the main page for a stop-press announcement!