The Snowdrop Rocks!

We had a fantastic night at the Snowdrop on Saturday night!  A good crowd who showed a lot of love and enthusiasm for the band, lots of dancing, lots of clapping and cheering, who could ask for more? Well, they did at the end so we gave it to them! We had the marvellous Mr. Pete O’Connell on drums for the evening as Chris was away at a wedding – one rehearsal and straight in to the hot seat (or on to the hot stool,  really)! We had a few slightly alternative endings, but it was great fun and I’m sure he’ll be back with us in the future.  We were overwhelmed by the number of people who took the time to say hello at the end and tell us how much they had enjoyed their evening. Thanks to all of you, it really makes it all worthwhile when you get that sort of appreciation.  We’ll be back here next year, and we hope to see you all again. Keep your eyes on the gig guide! Next gig is The Ranelagh, Kemp Town, towards the end of October. Another of our favourite venues – aren’t they all these days, which is a great thing to be able to say!