Happy New Year!

…..says it all, really!  We had a great New years eve at The Nep, third year running for us (and we’ll be there this coming NYE too, which is great news). A nice crowd of friends, family, Nep regulars and familiar faces from the Brighton music scene both watchers and players saw the New Year in with us after the usual dancing, singing along, clapping and cheering. You were all very kind and generous with the jug, and the band felt very appreciated. Nights like this it’s a real pleasure to play for you all, and we’d like to say a big thank you for supporting us and supporting live music. We couldn’t do it without you. We hope the new year brings you health, wealth happiness and peace.

The last year has been a real mixed bag for us, my illness, which meant a short notice call to Jim Bryan who helped us out at The Eagle in July – thanks again Jim! and then Dave’s similar illness which led us to look for a long term dep. We were really lucky to find the marvellous and talented Danny Shayler who put a lot of effort into learning the set in a miraculously short time and has covered every gig we needed.  He has settled in to the band really well: we can’t thank him enough. He’ll be at The Ranelagh in January too so do come and see him! We’re hoping Dave will be back early in the coming year once he has recovered from his treatment and we hope to be able to continue with Danny too at times if we can.

As you can see from the Gig Guide, bookings are good for this year already, and we can’t wait to get going! First up is a return to The Ranelagh on the 13th of this month, as usual see the Gig Guide for details.