Normal Service Has been Resumed…..!

Lots of news and lots going on! Firstly we hope you like the new-look website, and the corresponding Facebook page – if you haven’t been there, well you should, really, shouldn’t you. Rude not to. All you have to do is press the button on the front page of the website! The new logo is Rob’s handiwork and is rather smart, don’t you think? New-look T-shirts and mugs (and apparently edible underwear, eh Dave?) are available at ridiculously cheap prices via the “Shop” tab on the site or from the Facebook page too. Look smart, look sharp, and if you turn up to a gig wearing one Rob will buy you a pint. Or shake your hand. Or both. Tell him I said so.

This weekend is the beginning of a five week run of gigs for us and to kick it off we were back at one of our real favourites last night – The Eagle, Arundel – with the whole band together for the first time in what seems like forever and a whole bunch of new songs. Dave is back from his time off recovering, and was on fine form and in great spirits (and humour!). The odd technical issue here and there did not spoil a thoroughly enjoyable gig both for us and for the enthusiastic crowd we’ve come to expect from a place where they really do enjoy their music (and know a great band when they hear one!). Things started a little slowly, but by the second half the place was crammed with people having a good time. Dancing, clapping, cheering, yes there was all those but also singing along, notably to “Tobacco Road” which was really unexpected and made a great evening even better. When the crowd’s happy the band are happy and vice-versa: the love goes backwards and forwards until everyone is smiling and having fun. You really can’t beat it: that’s what live music is all about. We’re back there in April and I’m sure it will be another great night.  Don’t miss it!

Two new gigs on the radar, one soon-ish and one a bit further on in the year, but both new venues for us.  Firstly at The Lamb,  Lewes at the beginning of June and then at the Kings Head, Billingshurst at the end of November – both venues are great places that are renowned for live music and a party atmosphere so they should both be crackers. Those of you who keep asking for “something nearer”  – you know who you are – have no excuses now, get yourself along to one of them and join in the fun!

Next is another great place which last time out was a corker – The lovely and quaint Snowdrop in Lewes, next Saturday. We always get a warm reception here at a very individual pub with it’s own special vibe. If you’ve not been here before, it’s well worth travelling that extra bit just to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the music. Come on down – you won’t be disappointed and it’s charm will grow on you as quickly as it has on us.

Details of all the upcoming gigs can , of course, be found in your ever lovin’, up to the minute, super-duper Gig-Guide!

As it always used to say at the end of the cartoons – That’s All Folks!