Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow……

Howdy folks, and what a few weeks it’s been. Three gigs on three weekends and snow on the first and last of them!

First a very welcome return to the Snowdrop, a lovely place to play that never disappoints either band or audience. A typical laid-back Snowdrop ambience that makes you feel good and go home happier than when you went out. Can’t beat it.

Next, the first of two new venues, Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove and a new approach for us – semi acoustic! Chris brought his cajon/snare drum/cymbal kit, Rob his new mini harp amp and Dave his acoustic guitar played through the PA. Nodd McDonagh stepped in for me  and brought a tiny little bass combo for the night. A great stripped back sound that  made for a really intimate atmosphere and suited the venue perfectly. The evening was helped along by a crew of Rob’s workmates who seemed to be rather partial to some of the more interesting varieties of shots on offer! We’re back there again in April for more of the same so if you fancy an evening of great songs played for you rather than at you, in a relaxed and friendly environment this is the place to be.

Last night was the second new venue for us, The Hothampton Arms – “The Hoff” – in Bognor. Lovely place, great space to play and a reasonable turn out despite the weather: More snow! Those that came, and there were quite a few considering the weather, had a really good time and so did we. One of those gigs where the band hit their groove from the off, the audience responded warmly and the whole thing just got better and better through the evening: two encores and still shouting for more. My kind of place! We’ll be back again a couple of times this year – keep an eye on the gig guide for updates.

Finally, a big big thank you to the incomparable Nodd McDonagh for helping us out with the Fudgie’s Bistro gig. Unfortunately I had to miss it due to circumstances beyond my control but it couldn’t have been in a safer pair of hands. Thanks mate.

Well, that’s all for this time except to remind you that we’re at another fantastic live music pub next Saturday, The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham.  Come and join us at as we have a blast at this iconic venue!