Feels Like Summer….

Howdy Folks! Lots of news this time so settle in for a good read! Firstly , another great gig last Friday at Fudgie’s Bistro which is quickly becoming a marvelous little music venue on a Friday night. Hot, sweaty and we were very well received by a great crowd including a few old friends from other bands – thanks guys for coming, it was good to see you – and very well looked after by Julian and his missus who made us most welcome. We played it as a semi acoustic gig and it works really well in this small space, so well that there are one or two of our other venues where we might give it a try! We’re back there on the 31st of May for a birthday party but without Dave as he will be sunning himself in Portugal – mind how you go with the Sherry mate – It’s a Thursday night and although it’s a party the place is open to all so do come along if you fancy a mid-week jolly, it’s sure to be a lively night. We’ve got one of Rob’s mates Roger helping us out and although it won’t be the same without Dave I’m sure we’ll keep you entertained!

The band at Fudgie’s last Friday!

Three more gigs have been added to the Railroad schedule: A new venue – The Battle of Trafalgar in Portslade on the 8th of June, somewhere we have wanted to play for a while, a gig at The Eagle on the 24th August during the Arundel Festival and a return to the Hothampton Arms in Bognor on the 14th of September which is great news. We are especially pleased to be able to join in with the Arundel Festival this year as it’s during our usual holiday period but by a stroke of luck we are all available that night. We are also pleased to announce that The Ranelagh in Kemp Town has re-opened under new management and our gig there in September is being honoured! We can’t wait to get back to such a historic music venue. We only have a few gig slots left this year so we can’t get there any sooner which is a pity but it’s been a good year for us with bookings and the band is going from strength to strength. Long may it continue.

Lastly, we have new project on the go: A Sunday line up! Dave has always kept Sundays as family time which is only right and proper as he has a younger family than the rest of us, but it has meant that we have never been able to play the Sunday afternoon slot that seems to be becoming ever more popular. Rob, Chris and I have enlisted Rob’s mate Roger who is helping us out at Fudgie’s next time and put a set together for Sundays and we’ll see how it goes! The new venture is “Sunday Service” and there will be a separate page for it here on the website so keep your eye’s open!

Well that’s it for now people, two gigs coming up this weekend at two cracking venues that are regulars for us: Friday at The Eagle in Arundel then Saturday at The Neptune in Hove. Hope you can make it to one or other or even both!