Isn’t It Great When……

You get a gig at  a local venue and your friends turn out to see you!

We had a really good time at the Rising Sun last Saturday, a lovely warm evening and a lovely warm crowd who clapped and cheered all evening. A smashing venue that we have wanted to play at for some time that’s one of my locals so lot’s of old friends, some I hadn’t seen for quite  a while, came along and made it a very jolly affair indeed. Lots of  compliments about the band which are always a nice thing to hear and give you a nice warm glow inside. Or was that the beer afterwards? Seriously though, as I’ve said before it’s all about you – if you have fun we have fun and that magic circle of good times going around and around turns it into a special night. Thank you all. We’re re-booked for the 6th of October, so do come along and let’s do it all again!

Next up is a Thursday – yes that’s right, Thursday, the 31st of May at Fudgie’s Bistro. It’s a birthday party event but open to the public so if you fancy getting an early start to the weekend come along and join in the fun. Dave is away, so helping us out for the evening on guitar and vocals will be Roger Harris from Fat Charlie and The Archangels. Some different songs and a different vibe as it’s a semi acoustic gig and sure to be a cracker. Make it a date!