….a lot has happened in a short space of time! Firstly a great party gig at Fudgie’s bistro where everyone had a great time, band and party-goers alike. Lot’s of dancing and lot’s of singing along to some old favourites: it was an outing for the new Sunday Service line up with Roger Harris as Dave was away on a well deserved break so a different set list to our usual one and it seemed to go down very well indeed! Can’t wait for the next Sunday Service gig in July at the Neptune. Have a look at the new “Sunday Service” tab on the front page of the website for details of the Sunday Service line up!

Last night another new venue for us, The Battle of Trafalgar in Portslade. A small but enthusiastic crowd who really enjoyed it and thanks to the people who took the trouble to say how good they thought we were which is always nice and makes it all worthwhile. A big thanks also to Smiffy who insisted on buying us all a pint at the end of the evening – it was well received after a very warm night. A mention too, to the lady who took what must have been a hundred photos of Rob. Haven’t seen any yet on any social media but perhaps she took them just for herself!  It’s been suggested that we would go down well here on a Sunday afternoon so keep an eye on the gig guide. There may be something else in the pipeline too, but I’m sworn to secrecy – ooh, how intriguing!

Saturday saw us at yet another new venue, The Lamb in Lewes. We’ve wanted to play there for quite a while and it certainly didn’t disappoint. By the end of the first set the place was absolutely packed with people having a great time: old folks danced, young folks danced, some folks sang along and it was another one of those great gigs where the energy went back and forth between the band and the audience until everyone was really feeling it. A real roof-raising roaring success. A special mention to the two ladies and two gents who danced from the first song until the last: a real feat considering how hot it was. Didn’t catch your names but I’ll keep a look out for you next time…..which is October!  We have actually been re-booked for two more dates this year, one as I’ve already mentioned in October and then in December just before Christmas. We really can’t wait, I think this is going to become another one of our firm favourites (aren’t they all!).

We have a few weeks off now and then we’re back in early July at three great places, The Neptune in Hove, The Eagle in Arundel and the Snowdrop in Lewes: the first one at the Neptune is a Sunday Service gig, our semi-acoustic line up with Roger Harris on guitar and vocals. All are terrific venues that go out of their way to support live music and well worth a visit, so come along and see us As always, see the gig guide for details!