All Change Please!

Things have been a little quiet on the news front for the last few weeks as we have been very busy behind the scenes. The previous gigs at The Eagle, Arundel and The Snowdrop in Lewes both went really well and were in fact Dave Martin’s last gigs with the band.

Dave has left the band  for private and personal reasons, it’s been a tough 12 months for him and the whole experience has made him reset his priorities towards family and other things he would like to do. This may seem a little sudden to you, but Dave generously gave us three months’ notice rather than just walking away. We decided not to announce anything back then so that his final gigs with us were fun and he was not constantly answering the “why” question. It also gave us time to find a suitable replacement without pressure. So it’s farewell and thanks for a great four years Dave, your contribution certainly helped to push the band forwards and we wish you nothing but health and happiness with your family. Perhaps you’ll come and sit in with us sometime.

Now for the good news! Back in late June, after a long search, we discovered a gem called Dave Moss. Although younger than all of us he is full of experience. He plays a mean lead guitar, sings really well, and more importantly his name is Dave to save on the paperwork! We all hit it off immediately and within two rehearsals and a lot of homework had pretty much a full set to work with. Rehearsals went really well and he had his debut gig at The Duke of Wellington yesterday: what a great place for him to start! It was a really hot, busy riot of a gig –  a few rough edges but that’s only to be expected first time out: overall a great show and a great debut gig from Dave. One of his mates, Wayne, turned up with his saxophone and joined us for a great version if “Unchain My Heart” – thanks Wayne! We all had loads and loads of fun, everyone was very kind and complimentary afterwards and the “Welly” collection was staggering. Thank you all so much. We do have some audio from the gig and it will be appearing on here soon: keep your eye out (or should that be ear?) for it!

Next up for us is a private function next Saturday  – it’s a surprise for someone! – then the next gig is at The Eagle Arundel, one of our favourites (aren’t they all?) on the 24th August as part of the Arundel Festival. It’s the Friday before the Bank Holiday weekend, so come on down and join the party!