Ranelagh Renaissance……..

Our gig last night at The Ranelagh in Kemp Town was fabulous. A slightly slow start with just a few old friends in the audience but the door kept opening and more people kept arriving until by the middle of the first set the place was really buzzing. It stayed like that all night: dancing, clapping, cheering, you get the picture. Lot’s of old faces, some new faces, old folks, young folks, a lovely mixture of people who just wanted to have a good time with a great band so we duly obliged. Dave has been working hard on his guitar sound to get it “Just So” and last night it all came together: We had lots of very kind comments from folks who see a lot of bands¬† (and from some folks who are in them) which is always great. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Stella is trying really hard to get The Ranelagh buzzing again and we’re really happy to help. She got her diary out immediately after we finished and there are three dates booked for next year……Can’t wait!

Next is a week off then a return to The Red Lion in Arundel on the 17th of November. A pub where they really like to party, party, party: It will be Dave’s first time there so I hope he’s ready for a real up close and personal humdinger of a night! While we’re talking about Arundel, following last weeks gig at the Eagle we have, yep you guessed it, dates there for next year. Three, in fact. That makes six gigs in for next year this week which is fantastic.¬† For information about all of these and the other gigs remaining this year, and at the risk of repeating myself and getting a bit dull: See the Gig Guide for details!