And We’re Off!

We had our first gig of the New Year at Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove last night and another great night it was too. We got our usual warm welcome from  Julian, Jules and the rest of the gang along with a terrific crowd who danced, clapped and even laughed at the occasional joke (teeth still in a glass Rob?).  A couple of new songs in the set which went down a storm and a very lively atmosphere from beginning to end, just what everyone needed to start the year off. Dave had forgotten his slide, so a big thanks to Paul Black who just happened to have one in his pocket – if anyone was going to have one about their person it was always going to be Paul!  It was one of those evenings where everyone is having a great time and you just don’t want it to end. Sadly they always do, but  we’re back at Fudgie’s in March for more of the same so come along and join us and help make the next night even better!

Next weekend we have two gigs coming up, Saturday night at the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham – always a good night to be had at the Welly! – and Sunday afternoon sees us with our acoustic set at The Bridge in Amberley, a charming pub with a lovely convivial atmosphere. Come along and relax with some great tunes and a pint or two, It’s what Sunday afternoons are for!