Saturday, Sunday, Any Day Is A Good Day When……

You get to play in a great place to lovely people!

Saturday we were at The Duke of Wellington with their new 8.00pm start time. We were worried it was a bit early, but the punters were ready and waiting bang on time!  We played three shorter sets with a couple of breaks until gone eleven, now that’s value for money! A great evening as it always is at the Welly, we were joined on stage by Dave’s mate Chris for an impromptu version of Tennessee Whiskey, which went down a storm. We return to the Welly later in the year – one not to be missed! 
Sunday afternoon saw us at The Bridge Inn, Amberley,  for an acoustic Sunday Service  gig.  We really enjoy playing our usual live set acoustically: it’s a really interesting experience and a completely different vibe. With an appreciative audience and the wonderful smell coming from the restaurant, there is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Lot’s of clapping and a lovely atmosphere. We’ll be back at The Bridge later in the year for more of the same – can’t wait!

Note the clock that Dave spent two hours banging his head on – I kept wondering why it was still twenty past three event though we had played about ten songs!

Thanks to all our friends who came along to see us this weekend – it really wouldn’t be the same without you, it’s what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

This Friday we are back at The Eagle in Arundel, a longstanding venue for us and an absolute favourite. Come along and say hello!  And, as always, see the Gig Guide for details of all our up-coming gigs!