Stormy Weather…….

…is a great song, but not ideal for a Saturday night in Arundel! Nevertheless, a good few braved the early wind and rain, and after a gentle start the door kept opening and people kept arriving until we had the usual enthusiastic crowd we’ve come to expect at The Eagle. By the end the whole place was buzzing and no-one wanted us to stopĀ  – we could have gone on and on, but time (and noise restriction) waits for no band so we had to bow out gracefully at 11. Lot’s of kind comments, especially about the new songs and the impromptu burst of reggae that Rob enjoyed so much! Thanks once again to Eileen for making us most welcome: catch us there again soon!

It’s great to be able to keep adding video clips and I hop you enjoy them as much as we do! Here’s a clip from last weekend’s Sunday Service gig at The Bridge Inn, Amberley : thanks once again to John for taking the trouble to send it to us.

Now for some exciting news: we are going into the studio to record some of our favourite songs from our current live set. Six carefully (?) chosen tracks for an EP that will be available as a digital download and as a CD. We start the process at the beginning of April: we’ll keep you posted (no pun intended) with some photos and maybe the odd video snippet as we go through the recording process! We’re all really looking forward to it – get your money ready, it will be coming soon at a gig near you!

Next week we are returning once again to one of Brighton’s truly iconic venues, The Ranelagh in Kemp Town. Stella is working really hard to get it back to where it belongs, at the forefront of live music in Brighton so come along if you can and help us make it happen. As ever, see the Gig Guide for details!