Hurrah For “The Hoff”!

We had a great time at “The Hoff” (The Hothampton Arms, Bognor) last Friday. Plenty of folks around, a real hubbub of people having a good time: the dB meter on the wall was at 85 just for the background noise! A real surprise, Dave turned up with and all-new set-up still with the tags on, a shiny Fender Blues Junior combo and a Fender Stratocaster. It sounded fantastic straight out of the box (literally!) and he finally got the sound he’s been after for a long while. A birthday present to himself apparently. Mines coming up in July…….what shall I buy myself, Dave? anyhoo, back to the gig. More than a few familiar faces, a really nice vibe, a lot of appreciation and some lovely comments about the band, plus and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves which is becoming a bit of a habit. Overall a great night, made even better by Lucy who whipped out her diary at the end of the show, instantly booked us in for an extra Sunday afternoon gig later in the year (and shifted another gig to a Saturday night) and bought us all a pint. Thanks to her and her gang for looking after us so well. Also ran into Paul, a long time promoter around the area who was most complimentary (particularly about Rob’s harp playing). He’s booked Nine Below Zero and Paul Young amongst others and as we started chatting it became apparent that he and I knew a lot of the same people and places from years ago (that’s Croydon in the 70’s for you), although our paths had never crossed at the time. Lovely guy, just goes to show that the world is a very small place.  Overall a really good night – keep them coming like it!

In other news…..we have been asked to play at “Spring in the Patch”, an all volunteer family event which raises funds to maintain William Clarke Park, a community space in Brighton. All bands are wary of supposed “charity” events these days but this is well worth supporting. Green space in cities is a precious thing so we’re glad to help out. We’ll be on about four but the event runs from around mid-day so come along and join us for a sunny (hopefully!) afternoon in the park. Check out this worthy cause here !

Next up a return to The Rising Sun in Nutbourne, lovely old village pub with a great atmosphere. A bit tucked away, but well worth the trip so come along and help us keep music live! As always, see the Gig Guide for details.