Rousing Romp At The Ranelagh!

We had a marvellous gig at The Ranelagh last night. Unfortunately Dave had been unwell all week (you really don’t want to know the details) and was feeling a bit queasy at the start, but he rallied and by the middle of the first set we were cooking! Lots of familiar faces plus Rob’s harmonica guru Richard Taylor AKA “Wanderin’ Wilf” who joined us for a fantastic two-harp version of “Automatic”. What a blast!  Once again some really kind comments during and after the gig from people who really know their stuff which makes all the hard work worthwhile, plus lot’s of movin’ and a groovin’ (yes, you Gerry, I saw you). Thanks again to Stella for having us – next week we are back at the fabulous Neptune in Hove – don’t miss it!

On another note, sales of our EP “Delivers The Goods” are going well – get yours soon or regret it for ever……Just click on the tab from the front page for our online shop!