Iiiiiits Chriiiistmaaaas!

……and we’re done for this year. Oh, and by the way, dear old Slade make £500,000 a year just for that one song. Nice! Now back to reality: we’ve done our last gigs of the year, at The Eagle Arundel and The Battle of Trafalgar. Both Lorraine at The Eagle and Buster and Julie at The Battle made us very welcome, two great gigs and a lot of fun – especially the Battle where Dave was absolutely on fire and the rest of the band were really cooking. Regular watchers reckon it was one of our best ever, so a cracking end to the year.

There is some uncertainty about the Eagle next year, contractual stuff with the brewery so we don’t know what is happening there at present but Lorraine has booked us for the other pub she runs, The Locomotive in Wick, for next year in any case so thanks Lorraine.

At The Battle there are also changes: the 2021 gig is cancelled as……Buster and Julie are staying! Great news, and Julie has booked us for three dates next year including a couple of Saturday afternoon garden gigs in the summer. We did one  there outside a while ago for a wedding reception and we were very well received so I’m sure we will be again!

All of the above means that our diary is pretty much full for next year which is fantastic.  We have around 30 gigs booked, and we’re taking January off to rehearse some new material so it’s going to be a busy year! We may squeeze a couple more in but that’s about it, so thank you to all the venues for your support of live music and making us part of that, and thank you to all the people who come to see us which makes keeping music live worthwhile for them. We really couldn’t do it without you.

As always, check the Gig Guide for all of next year’s gigs, and finally:

From all of us in the band to all of you out there!