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Iiiiiits Chriiiistmaaaas!

……and we’re done for this year. Oh, and by the way, dear old Slade make £500,000 a year just for that one song. Nice! Now back to reality: we’ve done our last gigs of the year, at The Eagle Arundel and The Battle of Trafalgar. Both Lorraine at The Eagle and Buster and Julie at The Battle made us very welcome, two great gigs and a lot of fun – especially the Battle where Dave was absolutely on fire and the rest of the band were really cooking. Regular watchers reckon it was one of our best ever, so a cracking end to the year.

There is some uncertainty about the Eagle next year, contractual stuff with the brewery so we don’t know what is happening there at present but Lorraine has booked us for the other pub she runs, The Locomotive in Wick, for next year in any case so thanks Lorraine.

At The Battle there are also changes: the 2021 gig is cancelled as……Buster and Julie are staying! Great news, and Julie has booked us for three dates next year including a couple of Saturday afternoon garden gigs in the summer. We did one  there outside a while ago for a wedding reception and we were very well received so I’m sure we will be again!

All of the above means that our diary is pretty much full for next year which is fantastic.  We have around 30 gigs booked, and we’re taking January off to rehearse some new material so it’s going to be a busy year! We may squeeze a couple more in but that’s about it, so thank you to all the venues for your support of live music and making us part of that, and thank you to all the people who come to see us which makes keeping music live worthwhile for them. We really couldn’t do it without you.

As always, check the Gig Guide for all of next year’s gigs, and finally:

From all of us in the band to all of you out there!


Nearly There……….

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and we’ve had a really busy time over the last month or so which has been great. Six gigs in November plus four in December – we’re giddy and worn out in equal parts – only kidding, it’s been great fun. Some terrific gigs, and some great moments playing for lovely people at nice places. Every one has booked us for next year which is marvellous, and our diary is now nearly full already. Just a couple of venues to squeeze in and the hectic business of booking will be over. Highlights for next year are our regular Sunday Service gigs at The Bridge: the first Sunday of the month every two months throughout the year, The Duke of Wellington in October which should be bang in the middle of the proposed Shoreham Blues Festival (more on this as things develop, it’s at a very early stage at the moment), a return to Shaun and Linda’s for “Batefest!” and a wedding at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Just a few things to look forward to, although we look forward to each and every gig as they are all special in their own way.

Some highlights from the last few weeks include a great Sunday afternoon at The Hothampton Arms,  a welcome return to Fudgie’s Bistro which was very well supported by friends and family (Juliann made everyone welcome in his own inimitable way – top bloke!), our cheeky extra at The Bridge Inn and a fabulous night last night at the Jolly Tanners in Staplefield. Our first time there, we were made very welcome especially by a group of Dutch folks over for the weekend. They couldn’t have been nicer or more appreciative and really got the party started (and kept it going, and going…..). Thanks everyone. Chris has offered us two dates for next year, TBA, and they’ll be in the diary soon.

Next up is our first gig at The Eagle, Arundel, under new management after Eileen’s long stewardship. We’re looking forward to playing there for the new landlady, Lorraine who is keen to continue (and improve!) the long tradition of live music  at this great venue. We usually have quite a jolly time at The Eagle with a lot of local support so come along and join us for what is normally a great gig with a lovely atmosphere. One of our (many!) favourites.

Details of this and all our other gigs stretching far into the New Year can be found guess where? Yep, the Gig Guide!

Christmas Is Coming……

And so are gigs for next year!

Bookings are coming in thick and fast at our regular venues: The Neptune, The Duke of Wellington, Red Lion Arundel, Bridge Inn Amberley – we can hardly keep up! The gig guide is being constantly updated so keep your eye on it – there’s sure to be a gig near you!

It’s been a while since the last post, during which time we’ve had some fantastic gigs at some of our favourite places (well they all are really, each one has it’s own special charm!) including all the venues above plus The Dolphin in Littlehampton and  a new one for us, The Southwick Beer Engine which went really well (and they’ve booked us through next year too!). We’ve had a fantastic time keeping your feet tapping and there’s a good few more to come before the year is out.

We’ve squeezed in an extra Sunday Service gig at The Bridge Inn, Amberley, at the beginning of December then we’re back at the re-vamped Eagle Arundel later in the month. We’ve even managed to shoe-horn in a short notice gig at The Martha Gunn in Brighton, a new venue for us, this coming Friday. It’s a lovely proper Brighton pub:  Chris can’t make this one, so we’re paying a s three piece – there’s gonna be some fun at The Gunn so come along and help us keep music live!

Details of all these gigs and plenty more are – yep you guessed it! – in the Gig Guide so take a look and come see us for some great music and a guaranteed good time!

Back With A Bang!

We’re all back from our hols now, and were raring to go with gigs on Saturday and Sunday this week! First on Saturday night at the Spotted Cow in Angmering, a new venue for us. Rob spends most Tuesday afternoons there enjoying an after work lunch with James (well, he does start at sparrowfart most days so it’s not quite as outrageous as it sounds) alongside the odd pint of Guinness (as apparently it’s “good for you”)  and has gradually worn them down until they booked us! Only  kidding – it’s a lovely pub and we were made very welcome. Some of Chris’s friends came along which was nice, and we soon had the joint jumping, especially the lady who’s name I didn’t catch. She spent the entire night dancing from beginning to end. Whoever you are, it was great to see you and all the others who danced and clapped and were really enjoying the music! We’ll be back there very soon. Then Sunday afternoon we were back at the Bridge, Amberley. The sun was shining so we played outside on the terrace to a crowd which grew steadily through the afternoon with people even bringing extra chairs from the garden so they had somewhere to sit! Lot’s of familiar faces, lot’s of new faces and lot’s of nice comments at the end from people who’d not seen us before who “just popped in and decided to stay”. You can’t get better than that really. The award for top joke of the day goes to me –  Dave: “I think it’s our third time here this year folks” Me: “I think I’ve been here a few more times than that, Dave!”. Well, it is my local. We’re back here again in November: our next gig is back at another favourite and a great venue The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham, as usual see the Gig Guide for details of this and all our other upcoming gigs!  A great weekend for us, lot’s of fun and laughter, lot’s of happy smiling people and some great tunes. You just can’t beat it. Thank you everyone who came to one or other or even both gigs, see you again soon.

Hot Stuff at The Hoff!

Thanks to all who came along to the Hoff last night, we were worried we might have a bit of a low turnout due to Pride in Brighton and the races at Goodwood drawing people away from the area, but we needn’t have worried: the bar filled nicely , we got a great vibe going, and we had a fantastic time!
Thanks to Dan for making us welcome, the pint of beer for each of the band was especially welcome as it was a sweltering hot night (and as Chris the Drummer doesn’t drink, guess which cheeky monkey had two……well, playing bass is thirsty work!) and we look forward to our return on Sunday 24th November!
It’s that time of year when holidays need to be taken to recharge some tired batteries, but we will be back with a busy weekend on August 31st at the Spotted Cow in Angmering –  a new venue for us – and then a Sunday Service gig in the afternoon on the 1st of September back at The Bridge in Amberley so come along and say Hi and help us keep music live!!

As usual, see the gig guide for details!

A Blast at Batefest!

An absolutely smashing gig last night at “Batefest!” for Shaun and Linda Bateman’s joint 60th (whoops! That’s given it away…) party. We took the decision to play indoors as the weather was mixed through the day, so set up in the generous living room and the party commenced! With instructions to “not worry about the volume too much unless the windows fall out” we nevertheless kept it sensible but fully electric rather than acoustic including proper drum kit and all the trimmings. We were made very welcome with free beer (thoughtfully including Guinness for Rob and Dave): great night, great crowd of lovely people, hot, lively, friendly and fun. Couldn’t ask for more. While Rob and Dave took a break, Chris and I supported the lovely Jacquie Young  on vocals (she was terrific, too) for a few numbers alongside her husband Graham on electric guitar and another Chris on acoustic guitar and vocals, then Shaun “Alex Harvey” Bateman took to the stage with his mates Terry on drums and Neil on bass with Graham helping out on guitar too. Not an experience ever to be forgotten by those of us who were fortunate enough witness it! We than had Karen on a lovely 1950’s Gibson F-hole guitar for a couple of songs – lovely guitar and nice playing too. We returned for a second storming set which really got everyone moving and grooving: that lovely feedback loop thing which is fantastic. We played well, you loved it, we played better you loved it more. Thanks all of you for turning it into  a really special night, thanks to Shaun and Linda for having us: it really was a pleasure.

Two new gigs in the diary, a new venue on the 31st of August, The Spotted Cow in Angmering: really looking forward to that one, and a return to The glorious Battle of Trafalgar in Portslade just before Christmas. Should be a belter!

Next up for us is a return to The Hoff! This coming Saturday we’re back a this great music venue in the heart of Bognor, The Hothampton Arms. Come along and see us, bring a fiver and take us home on CD!

For details of these and all our gigs, see guess what – oh yeah, baby! – the Gig guide!

Super Sunday Service…….

Gig at The Bridge Inn, Amberley, yesterday afternoon. The weather was a bit mixed so we played inside to a great reception from some lovely people.  It’s a firm favourite of ours and a gig we really look forward to. A big thank you to John who brought along a lovely Gibson F-hole guitar and insisted that Dave gave it a go. Amazing sound and lovely to look at too. Very generous gesture from a lovely bloke. Thanks again John, and thanks to Dave and Tash for looking after us, not forgetting Shelley too! We’re back here in September (check the gig guide for details!) so book a table, stuff yourself with a marvellous Sunday roast and enjoy the music!

A private party gig next for us on the 27th of July, then a return to The Hothampton Arms in Bognor the following week.  As always, check the Gig Guide for details!

Rampant at The Red Lion and Brilliant Battle!

Our gig at The red lion in Arundel a couple of weeks ago was bittersweet for us. We had a great gig: hot, sweaty and full of energy. All of us in the band were absolutely wet through by the end! Some great guitar work from Dave as usual, and some equally great harp playing from Rob. A pleasure to stand at the back, keep it tight and watch them let rip! Absolutely Fabulous! The lovely Eileen from The Eagle came along to see us which was a treat – it’s always good to see her – but along with her came some unfortunate news: she has decided to close The Eagle until a new tenant can be found. A real shame, as both the Red Lion and Eagle gigs are always fantastic for us, good crowds, a great atmosphere and a good time for all. We can only hope that The Eagle continues to host music and that we are able to play there again.

Last Saturday we were back at The Battle of Trafalgar in Portslade where Buster and Julie always make us most welcome. A hen party in full swing made it slightly tricky to concentrate on the job in hand, but we struggled manfully on! We were really lucky to have the photographic talents of Pete Chapman for the evening: the results speak for themselves….

Live At The Battle!

We can’t thank Pete enough for the time and trouble. Cheers Pete!

And how  about this for forward planning: we now have gigs booked for June 2020 (at The Grand Hotel, Brighton no less!) and August 2021. Talk about book early to avoid disappointment! If you can’t wait until then (!), our next gig is a Sunday Service gig at The Bridge, Amberley this coming Sunday. Come along , soak up the sun and listen to some great tunes! As always, check the Gig Guide for deatails!


No Stopping Us At The Neptune!

Last nights gig at The Neptune in Hove was yet another stormer. Dave has fully recovered from his nasty bug last week and played an absolute blinder. His guitar parts just seem to be getting better with every gig, and Rob has just got better and better alongside him. Chris and I just concentrated on keeping it solid and allowing them to let rip, and boy did they last night. One of our best yet. From a steady start the Nep filled up nicely by the second half and they absolutely loved it. Dancing, singing along, clapping, cheering, whistling, the whole nine yards. Thank you you lovely, lovely people, you make it all worthwhile. We’ll be back for more of the same later in the year.

Next up is a return to The Red Lion in Arundel on the 8th of June, a real party pub and somewhere where we always get a great reception. Can’t wait!

Sales of our EP “Delivers The Goods” are steady, and we are pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association’s “Pick Of The Month” albums! A great honour, especially as the others on the list include Catfish and Jimmy Vaughan! Get yours now while you can! Just go to the “Delivers The Goods” tab on here for a digital download or a physical copy by post, or grab one at the next gig for a fiver!

More gigs will be added to the Gig Guide shortly, so keep an eye out for a gig coming soon at a venue near you!

Rousing Romp At The Ranelagh!

We had a marvellous gig at The Ranelagh last night. Unfortunately Dave had been unwell all week (you really don’t want to know the details) and was feeling a bit queasy at the start, but he rallied and by the middle of the first set we were cooking! Lots of familiar faces plus Rob’s harmonica guru Richard Taylor AKA “Wanderin’ Wilf” who joined us for a fantastic two-harp version of “Automatic”. What a blast!  Once again some really kind comments during and after the gig from people who really know their stuff which makes all the hard work worthwhile, plus lot’s of movin’ and a groovin’ (yes, you Gerry, I saw you). Thanks again to Stella for having us – next week we are back at the fabulous Neptune in Hove – don’t miss it!

On another note, sales of our EP “Delivers The Goods” are going well – get yours soon or regret it for ever……Just click on the tab from the front page for our online shop!