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Isn’t It Great When……

You get a gig at  a local venue and your friends turn out to see you!

We had a really good time at the Rising Sun last Saturday, a lovely warm evening and a lovely warm crowd who clapped and cheered all evening. A smashing venue that we have wanted to play at for some time that’s one of my locals so lot’s of old friends, some I hadn’t seen for quite  a while, came along and made it a very jolly affair indeed. Lots of  compliments about the band which are always a nice thing to hear and give you a nice warm glow inside. Or was that the beer afterwards? Seriously though, as I’ve said before it’s all about you – if you have fun we have fun and that magic circle of good times going around and around turns it into a special night. Thank you all. We’re re-booked for the 6th of October, so do come along and let’s do it all again!

Next up is a Thursday – yes that’s right, Thursday, the 31st of May at Fudgie’s Bistro. It’s a birthday party event but open to the public so if you fancy getting an early start to the weekend come along and join in the fun. Dave is away, so helping us out for the evening on guitar and vocals will be Roger Harris from Fat Charlie and The Archangels. Some different songs and a different vibe as it’s a semi acoustic gig and sure to be a cracker. Make it a date!

Feels Like Summer….

Howdy Folks! Lots of news this time so settle in for a good read! Firstly , another great gig last Friday at Fudgie’s Bistro which is quickly becoming a marvelous little music venue on a Friday night. Hot, sweaty and we were very well received by a great crowd including a few old friends from other bands – thanks guys for coming, it was good to see you – and very well looked after by Julian and his missus who made us most welcome. We played it as a semi acoustic gig and it works really well in this small space, so well that there are one or two of our other venues where we might give it a try! We’re back there on the 31st of May for a birthday party but without Dave as he will be sunning himself in Portugal – mind how you go with the Sherry mate – It’s a Thursday night and although it’s a party the place is open to all so do come along if you fancy a mid-week jolly, it’s sure to be a lively night. We’ve got one of Rob’s mates Roger helping us out and although it won’t be the same without Dave I’m sure we’ll keep you entertained!

The band at Fudgie’s last Friday!

Three more gigs have been added to the Railroad schedule: A new venue – The Battle of Trafalgar in Portslade on the 8th of June, somewhere we have wanted to play for a while, a gig at The Eagle on the 24th August during the Arundel Festival and a return to the Hothampton Arms in Bognor on the 14th of September which is great news. We are especially pleased to be able to join in with the Arundel Festival this year as it’s during our usual holiday period but by a stroke of luck we are all available that night. We are also pleased to announce that The Ranelagh in Kemp Town has re-opened under new management and our gig there in September is being honoured! We can’t wait to get back to such a historic music venue. We only have a few gig slots left this year so we can’t get there any sooner which is a pity but it’s been a good year for us with bookings and the band is going from strength to strength. Long may it continue.

Lastly, we have new project on the go: A Sunday line up! Dave has always kept Sundays as family time which is only right and proper as he has a younger family than the rest of us, but it has meant that we have never been able to play the Sunday afternoon slot that seems to be becoming ever more popular. Rob, Chris and I have enlisted Rob’s mate Roger who is helping us out at Fudgie’s next time and put a set together for Sundays and we’ll see how it goes! The new venture is “Sunday Service” and there will be a separate page for it here on the website so keep your eye’s open!

Well that’s it for now people, two gigs coming up this weekend at two cracking venues that are regulars for us: Friday at The Eagle in Arundel then Saturday at The Neptune in Hove. Hope you can make it to one or other or even both!

Give It some Welly!

A welcome return to The Duke Of Wellington in the delightful Shoreham-by-Sea last Saturday. Proper pub, proper music venue, proper people and an enthusiastic crowd always make for a good gig here, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were well looked after by the staff (Hi Hannah!) and there were lots of familiar faces in the audience too. We’ve been re-booked for August, so come along and find out why The Welly is one of the best live music venues in the area!

Next up is a return to Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove and our semi acoustic set, a laid back, soak up the atmosphere and chill with a couple of their unusual flavoured shots to help you along kind of a gig. don’t miss it!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow……

Howdy folks, and what a few weeks it’s been. Three gigs on three weekends and snow on the first and last of them!

First a very welcome return to the Snowdrop, a lovely place to play that never disappoints either band or audience. A typical laid-back Snowdrop ambience that makes you feel good and go home happier than when you went out. Can’t beat it.

Next, the first of two new venues, Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove and a new approach for us – semi acoustic! Chris brought his cajon/snare drum/cymbal kit, Rob his new mini harp amp and Dave his acoustic guitar played through the PA. Nodd McDonagh stepped in for me  and brought a tiny little bass combo for the night. A great stripped back sound that  made for a really intimate atmosphere and suited the venue perfectly. The evening was helped along by a crew of Rob’s workmates who seemed to be rather partial to some of the more interesting varieties of shots on offer! We’re back there again in April for more of the same so if you fancy an evening of great songs played for you rather than at you, in a relaxed and friendly environment this is the place to be.

Last night was the second new venue for us, The Hothampton Arms – “The Hoff” – in Bognor. Lovely place, great space to play and a reasonable turn out despite the weather: More snow! Those that came, and there were quite a few considering the weather, had a really good time and so did we. One of those gigs where the band hit their groove from the off, the audience responded warmly and the whole thing just got better and better through the evening: two encores and still shouting for more. My kind of place! We’ll be back again a couple of times this year – keep an eye on the gig guide for updates.

Finally, a big big thank you to the incomparable Nodd McDonagh for helping us out with the Fudgie’s Bistro gig. Unfortunately I had to miss it due to circumstances beyond my control but it couldn’t have been in a safer pair of hands. Thanks mate.

Well, that’s all for this time except to remind you that we’re at another fantastic live music pub next Saturday, The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham.  Come and join us at as we have a blast at this iconic venue!


Normal Service Has been Resumed…..!

Lots of news and lots going on! Firstly we hope you like the new-look website, and the corresponding Facebook page – if you haven’t been there, well you should, really, shouldn’t you. Rude not to. All you have to do is press the button on the front page of the website! The new logo is Rob’s handiwork and is rather smart, don’t you think? New-look T-shirts and mugs (and apparently edible underwear, eh Dave?) are available at ridiculously cheap prices via the “Shop” tab on the site or from the Facebook page too. Look smart, look sharp, and if you turn up to a gig wearing one Rob will buy you a pint. Or shake your hand. Or both. Tell him I said so.

This weekend is the beginning of a five week run of gigs for us and to kick it off we were back at one of our real favourites last night – The Eagle, Arundel – with the whole band together for the first time in what seems like forever and a whole bunch of new songs. Dave is back from his time off recovering, and was on fine form and in great spirits (and humour!). The odd technical issue here and there did not spoil a thoroughly enjoyable gig both for us and for the enthusiastic crowd we’ve come to expect from a place where they really do enjoy their music (and know a great band when they hear one!). Things started a little slowly, but by the second half the place was crammed with people having a good time. Dancing, clapping, cheering, yes there was all those but also singing along, notably to “Tobacco Road” which was really unexpected and made a great evening even better. When the crowd’s happy the band are happy and vice-versa: the love goes backwards and forwards until everyone is smiling and having fun. You really can’t beat it: that’s what live music is all about. We’re back there in April and I’m sure it will be another great night.  Don’t miss it!

Two new gigs on the radar, one soon-ish and one a bit further on in the year, but both new venues for us.  Firstly at The Lamb,  Lewes at the beginning of June and then at the Kings Head, Billingshurst at the end of November – both venues are great places that are renowned for live music and a party atmosphere so they should both be crackers. Those of you who keep asking for “something nearer”  – you know who you are – have no excuses now, get yourself along to one of them and join in the fun!

Next is another great place which last time out was a corker – The lovely and quaint Snowdrop in Lewes, next Saturday. We always get a warm reception here at a very individual pub with it’s own special vibe. If you’ve not been here before, it’s well worth travelling that extra bit just to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the music. Come on down – you won’t be disappointed and it’s charm will grow on you as quickly as it has on us.

Details of all the upcoming gigs can , of course, be found in your ever lovin’, up to the minute, super-duper Gig-Guide!

As it always used to say at the end of the cartoons – That’s All Folks!

And The New Year begins…..

A smashing night at The Ranelagh last Saturday kicked off the New Year with a bang. Things were a little quiet as we set up, and we did wonder how many folks would venture out this early on in January after their NYE celebrations but we needn’t have worried. The place filled up and up as the evening went on, and a very jolly time was had by all. Thanks everyone for coming along, it was good to see familiar faces amongst the audience and several people made a point of telling us they only came out because we were playing which is a real compliment. We are always grateful for your kind words. Thanks to Kayne and the staff for making us most welcome and taking “The Jug” around.  We’re back there later on in the year (but not too much later!) so join us again for a night of great songs and great atmosphere.

Next is the first of our Arundel gigs for this year at the ever popular Eagle and even better, Dave should be back with us! As you may know both he and I have had some health issues over the last year but we are now fighting fit and raring to go. A big thanks to Danny Shayler for helping us out over the last few months, and I’m sure he’ll be making a guest appearance or two over the coming year.  See the Gig Guide for details and come on down to help us celebrate being back together again!

Happy New Year!

…..says it all, really!  We had a great New years eve at The Nep, third year running for us (and we’ll be there this coming NYE too, which is great news). A nice crowd of friends, family, Nep regulars and familiar faces from the Brighton music scene both watchers and players saw the New Year in with us after the usual dancing, singing along, clapping and cheering. You were all very kind and generous with the jug, and the band felt very appreciated. Nights like this it’s a real pleasure to play for you all, and we’d like to say a big thank you for supporting us and supporting live music. We couldn’t do it without you. We hope the new year brings you health, wealth happiness and peace.

The last year has been a real mixed bag for us, my illness, which meant a short notice call to Jim Bryan who helped us out at The Eagle in July – thanks again Jim! and then Dave’s similar illness which led us to look for a long term dep. We were really lucky to find the marvellous and talented Danny Shayler who put a lot of effort into learning the set in a miraculously short time and has covered every gig we needed.  He has settled in to the band really well: we can’t thank him enough. He’ll be at The Ranelagh in January too so do come and see him! We’re hoping Dave will be back early in the coming year once he has recovered from his treatment and we hope to be able to continue with Danny too at times if we can.

As you can see from the Gig Guide, bookings are good for this year already, and we can’t wait to get going! First up is a return to The Ranelagh on the 13th of this month, as usual see the Gig Guide for details.

Another Year Draws To A Close…..And A Night Out With A Difference!

We played our last gig before Christmas last Saturday at the Red Lion in Arundel, and it was the usual busy busy night we’ve come to expect here. Party central all night with dancing, clapping, cheering and even singing along in places as we took the opportunity to run through some of the songs we’ve been working on for New Year’s Eve. They proved very popular – just as well really as that’s our next and last gig of the year so there’s no time to change them now!

We had a couple of special guests in the audience on Saturday too: Rob’s nan, Grace who celebrated her 97th yes, 97th birthday by coming to see us along with Rob’s uncle John who’s a great guitar player and had a string of hits in the 60’s with The Nashville Teens so we played Tobacco Road just for them. Happy Birthday Grace, and thanks for coming John: we hope to see you both next year!

A great night overall, and we’re back there next year so don’t miss it, it really is a lovely lively night and a great party atmosphere.

After the gig Rob and I were chatting with two very nice ladies, Maggie and Debbie, who invited us to come and see their ukulele orchestra practice last Monday at The New Inn in Littlehampton – an invitation we couldn’t refuse! Rob and I popped in and were made very welcome, they insisted on lending us a ukulele each and getting us to join in. Strictly one finger chords for me, but Rob seemed to grasp it quite quickly – all that sneaky guitar practice at home, eh Rob? They even managed to accommodate my left (or is it cack?) handedness! We had a great time, a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it: a room full of people making music and enjoying themselves. A big thanks to Martin who runs the group for making us so welcome, and thanks again to Maggie and Debbie for the invitation. Look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!

Next gig is New Year’s Eve at The Neptune in Hove – our third NYE in a row here, it’s been absolutely fantastic every time and this time will be even better.  Danny’s at the front of the band this time out and we’ve loads of new songs to get you movin’ and a groovin’ into 2018. Come along and join in the fun – entry is free and you won’t find a better place to see in the New Year! Details, as ever, in the Gig Guide.

It’s Party Time!

We had a great time at the Vardar Club entertaining  the guests at Trevor’s 60th birthday bash last Saturday. People moved, people grooved, people clapped and people cheered. What more can a band ask for! Lot’s of chat and banter between the band and the assembled company, it really was a pleasure to play for you all and you clearly enjoyed it from first note until last. We hope to see some of you at future gigs.

Booking for next year is really starting to hot up now and we have a new venue too which is always good news: we are booked to play at the Rising Sun, Nutbourne near Pulborough in May. We’ve wanted to play at this lovely pub for a while so we will look forward to it. Details, as ever, in the Gig Guide!

Coming Along Nicely…..

Danny is slotting in very well in place of Dave during his absence, and we had another great night last Friday at The Eagle in Arundel where Eileen and her staff gave us their usual warm welcome. Girls danced, boys danced and  a good deal of banter was exchanged between audience and band all through the evening.  It’s always a pleasure to play here, the new songs went down well as did some old favourites. Dates are now arranged for next year, and we can’t wait to come back! As usual (I know, I know,) see the gig guide for details! And here we are in full swing:

The band are booked for a private party this Saturday and the next gig is the following Saturday: another favourite  – The Ranelagh in Kemp Town. See you there!