Gig History

New Year’s Eve 2018:                      The Neptune, Hove
December 7th 2018:                        Fudgie’s Bistro, Hove
November 17th 2018:                    The Red Lion, Arundel
November 3rd 2018:                       The Ranelagh, Kemp Town
October 26th 2018:                         The Eagle, Arundel
October 21st 2018:                         The Bridge Inn, Amberley
October 6th 2018:                          The Rising Sun, Nutbourne
September 29th 2018:                  The Neptune, Hove
September 21st 2018:                   Fudgie’s Bistro, Hove
September 15th, 2018:                 St. Andrews Rd. Street Party, Brighton
September 14th, 2018:                The Hothampton Arms, Bognor
September 7th, 2018:                  The Ranelagh, Kemp own
August 24th 2018:                        The Eagle, Arundel
August 11th 2018:                        Private Party
August 3rd 2018:                         The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham
July 7th 2018:                                The Snowdrop, Lewes
July 6th 2018:                                The Eagle, Arundel
July 1st 2018:                                The Neptune, Hove (Sunday Service)
June 8th 2018:                              The Battle of Trafalgar, Portslade
May 31st 2018:                             Fudgie’s Bistro, Hove (Private Party)
May 19th 2018:                            The Rising Sun, Nutbourne
May 12th 2018:                            The Red Lion, Arundel
April 28th 2018:                           The Neptune, Hove
April 27th 2018:                           The Eagle, Arundel
April 20th 2018:                           Fudgie’s Bistro, Hove
March 24th 2018:                       The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham
March 17th 2018:                       The Hothampton Arms, Bognor
March 9th 2018:                         Fudgie’s Bistro, Hove
March 3rd  2018:                        The Snowdrop, Lewes
Feb. 23rd  2018:                          The Eagle, Arundel
Jan. 13th 2018:                           The Ranelagh, Kemptown
New Year’s Eve 2017:              The Neptune, Hove
Dec. 9th 2017:                            The Red Lion, Arundel
Nov.25th 2017:                          The Ranelagh, Kemptown
Nov. 18th 2017:                         Private Party
Nov. 10th 2017:                         The Eagle, Arundel
Oct. 27th 2017:                          The Ranelagh, Kemptown
Sept. 16th 2017:                        The Snowdrop, Lewes
Sept. 9th 2017:                          The Neptune, Hove
July 14th 2017:                          The Eagle, Arundel
July 7th 2017:                             The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham
May 20th 2017:                          The Red Lion, Arundel
May 19th 2017:                          The Ranelagh, Kemptown
April 28th 2017:                       The Eagle, Arundel
April 1st 2017:                           The Neptune, Hove
March 18th 2017:                      The Snowdrop Inn, Lewes
February 18th 2017:                The Ranelagh, Kemptown
February 4th 2017:                  The Eagle, Arundel
January 13th 2017:                  The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham
New Years Eve 2016:              The Neptune, Hove
December 3rd 2016:                The Red Lion, Arundel
November 25th 2016:            The Ranelagh, Kemptown
November 19th 2016:            The Snowdrop Inn, Lewes
October 15th 2016:                 The Royal British Legion, Seaford
October 14th 2016:                 The Eagle, Arundel
September 24th 2016:          Barns Green and Itchingfield Club
September 16th 2016:          The Ranelagh, Kemptown
September 3rd 2016:            The Neptune, Hove
September 3rd 2016:           “Tyefest”, Telscombe Tye, Telscombe
July 2nd 2016:                        The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham
June 11th 2016:                      The Eagle, Arundel
May 21st 2016:                       The Ranelagh, Kemp Town, Brighton
May 1st 2016:                         The Foodies Festival, Hove Lawns
April 23rd 2016:                   The Eagle, Arundel
April 16th 2016:                   The Red Lion, Arundel
March 5th 2016:                   The Neptune, Hove
February 27th 2016:          The Eagle, Arundel
January 30th 2016:            The British Legion, Seaford
January 16th 2016:            The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham
New Year’s Eve 2015:        The Neptune, Hove
December 11th 2015:        The Crown, Littlehampton
December 4th 2015:          The Ranelagh, Kemp Town, Brighton
November 28th 2015:      The Oddfellows Arms, Pulborough
October 16th 2015:           The Ranelagh, Kemp Town,  Brighton
October 10th 2015:          The British Legion, Seaford
September 12th 2015:    The Poets Corner, Hove
September 5th 2015:      “Tyfest”, Telscombe Tye, Telscombe
July 5th 2015:                     The Crown, Littlehampton
July 4th 2015:                     The Neptune, Hove
June 20th 2015                  The Farmers, Lancing
June 14th 2015:                 The White Hart, Stopham Bridge
June 6th 2015:                   The Oddfellows Arms, Pulborough
May 16th 2015:                 The Poets Corner, Hove
March 14th 2015:             The Royal British Legion, Seaford
March 13th 2015:             The Ranelagh, Kemptown, Brighton
February 7th 2015:         The Neptune, Hove
January 2nd 2015:          The Ranelagh, Kemp Town, Brighton