Super Sunday Service…….

Gig at The Bridge Inn, Amberley, yesterday afternoon. The weather was a bit mixed so we played inside to a great reception from some lovely people.  It’s a firm favourite of ours and a gig we really look forward to. A big thank you to John who brought along a lovely Gibson F-hole guitar and insisted that Dave gave it a go. Amazing sound and lovely to look at too. Very generous gesture from a lovely bloke. Thanks again John, and thanks to Dave and Tash for looking after us, not forgetting Shelley too! We’re back here in September (check the gig guide for details!) so book a table, stuff yourself with a marvellous Sunday roast and enjoy the music!

A private party gig next for us on the 27th of July, then a return to The Hothampton Arms in Bognor the following week.  As always, check the Gig Guide for details!

Rampant at The Red Lion and Brilliant Battle!

Our gig at The red lion in Arundel a couple of weeks ago was bittersweet for us. We had a great gig: hot, sweaty and full of energy. All of us in the band were absolutely wet through by the end! Some great guitar work from Dave as usual, and some equally great harp playing from Rob. A pleasure to stand at the back, keep it tight and watch them let rip! Absolutely Fabulous! The lovely Eileen from The Eagle came along to see us which was a treat – it’s always good to see her – but along with her came some unfortunate news: she has decided to close The Eagle until a new tenant can be found. A real shame, as both the Red Lion and Eagle gigs are always fantastic for us, good crowds, a great atmosphere and a good time for all. We can only hope that The Eagle continues to host music and that we are able to play there again.

Last Saturday we were back at The Battle of Trafalgar in Portslade where Buster and Julie always make us most welcome. A hen party in full swing made it slightly tricky to concentrate on the job in hand, but we struggled manfully on! We were really lucky to have the photographic talents of Pete Chapman for the evening: the results speak for themselves….

Live At The Battle!

We can’t thank Pete enough for the time and trouble. Cheers Pete!

And how  about this for forward planning: we now have gigs booked for June 2020 (at The Grand Hotel, Brighton no less!) and August 2021. Talk about book early to avoid disappointment! If you can’t wait until then (!), our next gig is a Sunday Service gig at The Bridge, Amberley this coming Sunday. Come along , soak up the sun and listen to some great tunes! As always, check the Gig Guide for deatails!


No Stopping Us At The Neptune!

Last nights gig at The Neptune in Hove was yet another stormer. Dave has fully recovered from his nasty bug last week and played an absolute blinder. His guitar parts just seem to be getting better with every gig, and Rob has just got better and better alongside him. Chris and I just concentrated on keeping it solid and allowing them to let rip, and boy did they last night. One of our best yet. From a steady start the Nep filled up nicely by the second half and they absolutely loved it. Dancing, singing along, clapping, cheering, whistling, the whole nine yards. Thank you you lovely, lovely people, you make it all worthwhile. We’ll be back for more of the same later in the year.

Next up is a return to The Red Lion in Arundel on the 8th of June, a real party pub and somewhere where we always get a great reception. Can’t wait!

Sales of our EP “Delivers The Goods” are steady, and we are pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association’s “Pick Of The Month” albums! A great honour, especially as the others on the list include Catfish and Jimmy Vaughan! Get yours now while you can! Just go to the “Delivers The Goods” tab on here for a digital download or a physical copy by post, or grab one at the next gig for a fiver!

More gigs will be added to the Gig Guide shortly, so keep an eye out for a gig coming soon at a venue near you!

Rousing Romp At The Ranelagh!

We had a marvellous gig at The Ranelagh last night. Unfortunately Dave had been unwell all week (you really don’t want to know the details) and was feeling a bit queasy at the start, but he rallied and by the middle of the first set we were cooking! Lots of familiar faces plus Rob’s harmonica guru Richard Taylor AKA “Wanderin’ Wilf” who joined us for a fantastic two-harp version of “Automatic”. What a blast!  Once again some really kind comments during and after the gig from people who really know their stuff which makes all the hard work worthwhile, plus lot’s of movin’ and a groovin’ (yes, you Gerry, I saw you). Thanks again to Stella for having us – next week we are back at the fabulous Neptune in Hove – don’t miss it!

On another note, sales of our EP “Delivers The Goods” are going well – get yours soon or regret it for ever……Just click on the tab from the front page for our online shop!


Flying High At The Eagle & Sunday Fun Day !

Last Friday’s gig at The Eagle was just what we’ve come to expect – a warm and friendly crowd,  we had a blast and it was great to see some old faces and some new ones too for the launch of our new EP “Delivers The Goods”.  Six tracks of bluesy goodness that’s already getting airplay on blues radio shows at home and around the world thanks to  the IBBA and Chris Fosbrook – thanks Chris! It’s available at gigs for a fiver and from our new Facebook shop for £6.50 including p&p. Numbers are limited, so get yours now!

Sunday was our Festival gig at the “Spring In The Patch” fundraiser for William Clarke Park in Brighton. The weather held for us and we played the last hour or so to an enthusiastic crowd who kept us playing until the last possible minute. Thanks everyone, especially Wook and Vanessa and Darren the sound man – we may be back in September………

Rob, Chris and I at “Spring In The Patch” playing “Juke” – Dave has just popped off stage for a quick string change!

….and here we are all together again……

And having a lovely time!

(Thanks to Vanessa for the video)

Next gig is at The Ranelagh, Kemp Town on May 11th: get yourself down there and take us home on CD for a fiver!

Delightful Day At The Dolphin……….

Thanks to all of you who came to the Dolphin gig Sunday, we had a fantastic time and we look forward to returning later in the year: we’ll be back in October. Thanks to Ellie for looking after us so well, and the regulars who showed us a lot of love and provided some impromptu percussion action – “Shake it, Shake It Baby Now”! You know who we mean!! Rob even stuck around for a bit of Karaoke afterwards but the rest of us weren’t so brave.
We even did some filming for a little piece coming up in the next few weeks to accompany our forthcoming EP “Delivers The Goods”. Recording is all finished and it’s about to be mixed so it should also be available very soon: maybe by our next gig which is a return to The Eagle in Arundel.  We always look forward to the Eagle, it’s always a great gig so come on down and maybe grab a CD too!

If you can’t make The Eagle gig on the Friday, Sunday 28th is our “Spring In The Patch” gig at William Clarke Park in Brighton otherwise know as “The Patch”. A friendly family festival affair, we’re on at around 4 pm but there are some great acts on before us. Check it out here !!! and let’s hope for some lovely sunshine!

As always, check the Gig Guide for all our upcoming events and come along and join us for some great music with a feel-good vibe!

All Revved Up At The Riser……

A welcome return for us to The Rising Sun in Nutbourne last night, a lovely village pub with all the charm and feel that makes places like it a special place to play. We had a great night and the atmosphere was very jolly: they’d have kept us at it all night if they could!  A special thanks to all the dancers, especially the girls at the front, and an extra special thanks to Mike and his crew who came all the way from Horsham to see us. It’s been a long time since we jammed in your garage Mike! We’ll be back at The Riser in October or maybe before……

Now we have a gap before our next gig at The Dolphin in Littlehampton on the 7th of April – a Sunday afternoon gig but it’s the full electric experience rather than our acoustic set. Should be a cracker! In the mean time, we’ll be in the studio recording tracks for our forthcoming EP  “Delivers the Goods” which we’re hoping to have completed before “Spring In The Patch” at the end of the month. It’s a carefully chosen (!) selection of tracks to show the whole range of songs we do and you’ll be forced able to get a copy at a gig near you very soon!

As you know, we always try and provide you with fun and entertainment, so here is a brief taster from our last gig at The Eagle Arundel: Rob has carefully crafted it in a seventies TOTP stylee! Enjoy!

As always, check out the Gig Guide for our upcoming shows, and hope to see you soon!

Hurrah For “The Hoff”!

We had a great time at “The Hoff” (The Hothampton Arms, Bognor) last Friday. Plenty of folks around, a real hubbub of people having a good time: the dB meter on the wall was at 85 just for the background noise! A real surprise, Dave turned up with and all-new set-up still with the tags on, a shiny Fender Blues Junior combo and a Fender Stratocaster. It sounded fantastic straight out of the box (literally!) and he finally got the sound he’s been after for a long while. A birthday present to himself apparently. Mines coming up in July…….what shall I buy myself, Dave? anyhoo, back to the gig. More than a few familiar faces, a really nice vibe, a lot of appreciation and some lovely comments about the band, plus and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves which is becoming a bit of a habit. Overall a great night, made even better by Lucy who whipped out her diary at the end of the show, instantly booked us in for an extra Sunday afternoon gig later in the year (and shifted another gig to a Saturday night) and bought us all a pint. Thanks to her and her gang for looking after us so well. Also ran into Paul, a long time promoter around the area who was most complimentary (particularly about Rob’s harp playing). He’s booked Nine Below Zero and Paul Young amongst others and as we started chatting it became apparent that he and I knew a lot of the same people and places from years ago (that’s Croydon in the 70’s for you), although our paths had never crossed at the time. Lovely guy, just goes to show that the world is a very small place.  Overall a really good night – keep them coming like it!

In other news…..we have been asked to play at “Spring in the Patch”, an all volunteer family event which raises funds to maintain William Clarke Park, a community space in Brighton. All bands are wary of supposed “charity” events these days but this is well worth supporting. Green space in cities is a precious thing so we’re glad to help out. We’ll be on about four but the event runs from around mid-day so come along and join us for a sunny (hopefully!) afternoon in the park. Check out this worthy cause here !

Next up a return to The Rising Sun in Nutbourne, lovely old village pub with a great atmosphere. A bit tucked away, but well worth the trip so come along and help us keep music live! As always, see the Gig Guide for details.

Marvellous March Merriment……..

…back at Fudgie’s! One of our best ever gigs at one of our firm favourites: lot’s of banter with the audience, lot’s of humour, lot’s of laughter, lot’s of great tunes – I could go on (and on)! We thoroughly enjoyed everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, dancing, clapping, cheering – for a small place the audience really pack a punch and certainly know how to have a good time which males for a fantastic atmosphere. Thanks again to Julia and Julian for making us so welcome as usual: we’ll be back here soon!

Next week is a return to Bognor and The Hothampton Arms – always a great night at The Hoff! See the Gig guide for details!

Saturday Night’s Alright For…….

Playing the blues! Another good evening at the Ranelagh in Kemp Town last night, thanks to all of you who came along to see us. We had a lovely time playing for you, lot’s of humour and jokes, fun and laughter plus some great tunes – that’s what makes for a great gig. Thanks again to Stella for keeping music going here, and making us welcome as usual.  A little gap now, next gig is the 1st of March at Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove for the second time this year – always a great vibe and a good night out – see you there!