Happy New Year!

Another great New Years Eve at The Neptune last night where we saw the New Year in with style for the 4th year running. It was terrific to be joined on stage by the marvellous Paul Black and Neil Langman from The Paul Black Group for a few numbers which went down a storm – thanks chaps! Thanks again to all of you who came along for the evening, too many to list but we’re grateful to each and every one of you, and happy New Year to you all. Hope to see you at a gig or two in the coming year.

Yet more dates added for this year: both at one of our regular venues, Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove. The first one is at the end of January, so when you’ve shaken off the hangover from NYE why not come along and join us for our first gig of the year. Who knows, Julian might even join us on guitar towards the end of the evening…….not to be missed!


Fantastic Fudgie’s!

Last Friday’s gig at Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove was an absolute scorcher: Hot, sweaty up close and personal. Dancing, singing along, clapping, cheering, encores, the whole nine yards plus Julian guesting on lead guitar too. What more could you ever want! We had a blast and everyone who came along was clearly up for a good time. Thanks also to the various musicians from other bands who came along and supported us – guys, it means a lot. Happy Christmas to you all. We’ll be back at Fudgie’s next year, dates to follow – here’s a taste of last Friday with Julian on Lead Guitar!

Posted by Allan Scutcher on Friday, 7 December 2018

Next up is NYE at The Nep! Sure to be a great night and the best way to see opt the old year and see in the new. We may even have a special guest or two…..If you don’t have plans why not come along and join in the fun and if you do have plans it’s not too late to change them! Hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas to all the folks who’ve supported us this year and the venues kind enough to book us, and if you can’t be with us on NYE have a great time wherever you are. All the best for the festive season and the coming year from Railroad.

Kings Head Hoedown…..

Great night at the Kings Head in Billingshurst last Saturday, the weather didn’t help us much as it was pretty miserable but a good few folks turned out to see us in any case. Some very kind comments from folks who’d not seen us before which is always nice, and a pretty lively crowd in the bar who’d partied all afternoon during the rugby! We”ll be back there next year, dates to be arranged after their refurbishment works are complete.

Dates are flowing in still for next year – it’s going to be busy,busy,busy! A couple of Sunday Service gigs at The Bridge Inn, Amberley and a couple of dates back at The Red lion in Arundel. You know the drill by now……….see the Gig Guide for details!

Rampant at the Red Lion……

Last Saturday’s gig at The Red Lion in Arundel was just what we’ve come to expect when ever we play here – party time! Hot, busy, lively, noisy and a barrel-load of fun from beginning to end. A special mention to the lady dancing in the video below – she danced from the beginning until the very end. Didn’t catch your name but whoever you are thanks for helping to make it such an entertaining evening. We’ve said it before about audiences plenty of times, but when you have fun we have fun and the whole thing lifts to  a level that just can’t be beat. We’ll be back at The Red Lion next year – dates coming soon.

On that subject, we have three dates now for The Hothampton Arms in Bognor for next year, (always good to play at “The Hoff”)  and we are working on dates for some new venues s keep an eye on the Gig guide or the “Events” tab on our Facebook page.

Next up – this Saturday at The Kings Head, Billingshurst. A new venue for us, so come along and join us for what should be a great night.  See you there!


Thanks again to John for the video – keep them coming mate!

Ranelagh Renaissance……..

Our gig last night at The Ranelagh in Kemp Town was fabulous. A slightly slow start with just a few old friends in the audience but the door kept opening and more people kept arriving until by the middle of the first set the place was really buzzing. It stayed like that all night: dancing, clapping, cheering, you get the picture. Lot’s of old faces, some new faces, old folks, young folks, a lovely mixture of people who just wanted to have a good time with a great band so we duly obliged. Dave has been working hard on his guitar sound to get it “Just So” and last night it all came together: We had lots of very kind comments from folks who see a lot of bands  (and from some folks who are in them) which is always great. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Stella is trying really hard to get The Ranelagh buzzing again and we’re really happy to help. She got her diary out immediately after we finished and there are three dates booked for next year……Can’t wait!

Next is a week off then a return to The Red Lion in Arundel on the 17th of November. A pub where they really like to party, party, party: It will be Dave’s first time there so I hope he’s ready for a real up close and personal humdinger of a night! While we’re talking about Arundel, following last weeks gig at the Eagle we have, yep you guessed it, dates there for next year. Three, in fact. That makes six gigs in for next year this week which is fantastic.  For information about all of these and the other gigs remaining this year, and at the risk of repeating myself and getting a bit dull: See the Gig Guide for details!

Ever Reliable…..

At The Eagle! Our gig last Friday at The Eagle, Arundel was just the sort of gig we’ve come to expect here, a little quiet to start with but jollying up nicely by half time and a great finish. We kept the tunes coming and managed to play our entire set for a change – normally time flies by and we realise we don’t have time to play them all! An interesting 12″ Jazz remix of “Unchain my Heart” was a particular highlight – we strayed from the beaten track a bit with that one but it worked out so well we’re considering making it permanent (if we can remember how we did it that is!) Only kidding. We had a great night, a few people came who had seen us at The Bridge the previous week which was really nice to see and everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks again folks, and we’ll be back here at the beginning of next year and a few times later on. Dates will appear next week, so as usual: Keep your eye on the Gig Guide!

Gigs are rolling in, we have two dates confirmed now for another one of  our regular venues, the Neptune in Hove plus we have a new venue for next year, The Crown in Littlehampton. We have been trying to play here for a long while and are really pleased that Ellie has booked us for a Sunday afternoon in April – her first available slot but hopefully not the last! It’s not a Sunday Service acoustic gig but a full band show. We can’t wait to be playing in L.A.!

Next Saturday is a return to The Ranelagh, Kemp Town: Stella is really trying to keep this iconic music venue going so come along and support live music – use it or lose it folks!

Awesome Amberley Acoustic!

We had a lovely time at the Bridge Inn, Amberley, this afternoon. An outing for our acoustic lineup  in a lovely little venue full of lovely people. Our first gig at The Bridge, we had lots of old friends and lots of folks who had never seen us before all there to just chill, sit back and enjoy the afternoon. A great atmosphere and everyone was very complimentary which is always nice. The band thoroughly enjoyed it: we could see everyone having a good time and that really makes it all worthwhile. We’ll be back there three or four times next year, dates to be confirmed so keep your eye on the gig guide on on our Facebook page and meanwhile here’s some video of us at The Bridge – thanks John!

Next gig is next Friday at the ever popular Eagle in Arundel. Hope to see you there!

Super Saturday!

We had an absolutely fantastic time back at the rising Sun in Nutbourne last Saturday. So many friends from far and wide (and near too!) came out to see us and join in the fun. The joint was jumping, lot’s of dancing and a few folks got rather “tired and emotional”. You know who you are! It was marvellous to see you all, and thanks for making the trip out into the wilds of West Sussex on a rainy night. We really do appreciate it: as we’ve said before, a gig is only as good as the audience and what a great audience it was.  It looks as if The Riser is going to become a regular gig for us so we’ll be back here next year a couple of times for more music fun and laughter! Those of you who came we hope will come again, and those of you who missed it: keep an eye on the gig guide or your email and put it in your diary. Not to  be missed!

It seems early, the year has flown by, but it’s that time again when next years diary starts at most venues. First two gigs confirmed are at on of our old favourites and a great place to play, The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham. More will follow over the next month or so, so keep your eyes peeled and see, as ever, the Gig Guide for details!

Next gig is a Sunday Service semi-acoustic gig at the Bridge Inn, Amberley on Sunday (funny that!) the 26th from 3 -5 pm. Join us if you can for our first gig @ The Bridge – it’s a lovely place to spend a Sunday afternoon with great company and a great vibe. Hope to see ya!

A Lovely Two Weeks!

Apologies for the delay, but here goes!

The Friday before last was another of our semi acoustic gigs at Fudgie’s Bistro. The usual warm welcome from a “small, but perfectly formed” audience who stayed from first to last and made it a great time. Then…..Julian produced his guitar and joined us for a couple of numbers! We had a ball, jamming for a goodly while until time defeated us and we had to stop before the neighbours started banging on the ceiling. A fantastic end to a fantastic night. We’re back there later in the year, and who knows, we might get Julian up and at it again!

Last night we were back at The Neptune in Hove, and it was the traditional Nep we all know and love. After a steady start he place filled up and by the second set the joint was jumping. Dancing, singing along, the works. A great night as (as usual whenever we play there) Two encores (thanks Roger) but eventually time and the noise restrictions meant we had to stop. We’re there on New Year’s Eve, so come along and enjoy the party!

Next up, The rising Sun in Nutbourne next Saturday – we had a great turnout last time we played here and a really enjoyable evening so come along, bring some friends and have a ball with us at this lovely country pub venue!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic for us, one gig last week plus two gigs this weekend with rehearsals in between to learn a couple of requests for one of them, a street party gig with a dep drummer.  Amongst all of this, Dave is settling in really well and we were mad keen to get out and play!

We started with a return to the recently reopened Ranelagh in Brighton a week ago last Friday. A technical issue meant we were late on so we decided to play straight through with no break which really kept the atmosphere going. A reasonable crowd, swelled considerably at one point by a group of revellers dressed as Morris Men. A quite surreal scene watching umpteen Morris Men grooving to some funky blues – one I certainly won’t forget in a hurry. Whoever you were chaps, thanks for entertaining us! Stella is doing her best to regenerate the music scene at The Ranelagh: the Blues Jam is back on the last Sunday of the month and we’re back here on the 3rd of November so let’s all support her and make it a great place for the blues in Brighton again. It’s the people that make the place and make the gigs worthwhile so come along and support live music: bring your friends and help make it the venue you all want it to be.

Two gigs this weekend –  Friday saw a return to the Hothampton Arms in Bognor which we were really looking forward to as it’s such a nice place to play. They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to create a great stage area and integrate live music into the venue which makes it a treat to play here. It was also one of the bands most loyal followers last gig for a while as he’s moving to Austria – thanks for all your support over the years James, we’re going to really miss you. It won’t be the same looking out and not seeing you there (and having to carry all the gear ourselves in the future!). Good luck in Austria, you are now our official European tour agent so get cracking! We’ll be back at The Hoff next year.

Last night was the second gig of the weekend and what a fantastic night it was. A street party in Brighton so an open-air gig which had us crossing our fingers all week about the weather. We needn’t have worried, it was a lovely warm (for September) night without a hint of rain. Rob even got to turn his Fender Bassman up above 2 for a change! Lovely people who made us very welcome with food and beer then danced all night  – especially Kate who was dancing shoe-less in the road from the beginning to the end. A big thanks to George who booked us and sat in on keys for a couple of songs (it was a pleasure, George great playing!), to Yoko for letting us use her garage for power and her facilities(!) and to Pete O’Connell who helped us out on drums for the night. Same time next year George?

Now for the sad news. Our two gigs later this year at The Lamb in Lewes have been cancelled, a real shame as the last one was an absolute blast with a great crowd. Sam and Declan have been unable to secure a long term deal at the pub which is now closed again for refurbishment. When it re-opens it will be as a specialist Gin bar and there are no current plans for any live music at the venue in the future. With more venues closing it becomes more and more important to support those places that still want to promote live music. Come and support it or lose it folks, as when it’s gone, it’s probably gone for good.

We’re at Fudgie’s Bistro in Hove next Friday: our semi acoustic line up which is always a pleasure. Come along and enjoy the atmosphere in an intimate venue with a charm which is all it’s own.