Another Year Draws To A Close…..And A Night Out With A Difference!

We played our last gig before Christmas last Saturday at the Red Lion in Arundel, and it was the usual busy busy night we’ve come to expect here. Party central all night with dancing, clapping, cheering and even singing along in places as we took the opportunity to run through some of the songs we’ve been working on for New Year’s Eve. They proved very popular – just as well really as that’s our next and last gig of the year so there’s no time to change them now!

We had a couple of special guests in the audience on Saturday too: Rob’s nan, Grace who celebrated her 97th yes, 97th birthday by coming to see us along with Rob’s uncle John who’s a great guitar player and had a string of hits in the 60’s with The Nashville Teens so we played Tobacco Road just for them. Happy Birthday Grace, and thanks for coming John: we hope to see you both next year!

A great night overall, and we’re back there next year so don’t miss it, it really is a lovely lively night and a great party atmosphere.

After the gig Rob and I were chatting with two very nice ladies, Maggie and Debbie, who invited us to come and see their ukulele orchestra practice last Monday at The New Inn in Littlehampton – an invitation we couldn’t refuse! Rob and I popped in and were made very welcome, they insisted on lending us a ukulele each and getting us to join in. Strictly one finger chords for me, but Rob seemed to grasp it quite quickly – all that sneaky guitar practice at home, eh Rob? They even managed to accommodate my left (or is it cack?) handedness! We had a great time, a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it: a room full of people making music and enjoying themselves. A big thanks to Martin who runs the group for making us so welcome, and thanks again to Maggie and Debbie for the invitation. Look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!

Next gig is New Year’s Eve at The Neptune in Hove – our third NYE in a row here, it’s been absolutely fantastic every time and this time will be even better.  Danny’s at the front of the band this time out and we’ve loads of new songs to get you movin’ and a groovin’ into 2018. Come along and join in the fun – entry is free and you won’t find a better place to see in the New Year! Details, as ever, in the Gig Guide.

It’s Party Time!

We had a great time at the Vardar Club entertaining  the guests at Trevor’s 60th birthday bash last Saturday. People moved, people grooved, people clapped and people cheered. What more can a band ask for! Lot’s of chat and banter between the band and the assembled company, it really was a pleasure to play for you all and you clearly enjoyed it from first note until last. We hope to see some of you at future gigs.

Booking for next year is really starting to hot up now and we have a new venue too which is always good news: we are booked to play at the Rising Sun, Nutbourne near Pulborough in May. We’ve wanted to play at this lovely pub for a while so we will look forward to it. Details, as ever, in the Gig Guide!

Coming Along Nicely…..

Danny is slotting in very well in place of Dave during his absence, and we had another great night last Friday at The Eagle in Arundel where Eileen and her staff gave us their usual warm welcome. Girls danced, boys danced and  a good deal of banter was exchanged between audience and band all through the evening.  It’s always a pleasure to play here, the new songs went down well as did some old favourites. Dates are now arranged for next year, and we can’t wait to come back! As usual (I know, I know,) see the gig guide for details! And here we are in full swing:

The band are booked for a private party this Saturday and the next gig is the following Saturday: another favourite  – The Ranelagh in Kemp Town. See you there!

A Warm Welcome For Danny…..

We played our first gig with Danny Shayler on guitar and vocals at the Ranelagh in Kemp Town last Saturday and had a real blast. After only two rehearsals and with a stack of songs to learn Danny really came up trumps for us with a great performance. Plenty of chat and banter between the band and with the enthusiastic crowd made for a great evening. Several new songs that Danny brought in with him that all went down well, and despite a few “getting to know you” moments everybody in the band and in the audience had a fantastic time. We’re back here again in a month’s time – can’t wait!

Next gig s the Eagle in Arundel on the 10th November. – don’t miss it!

Some Unfortunate News…..

Some of you may know that earlier this year Phil had a health scare and scare us it did. Despite the seriousness of his illness, he only missed one gig as luckily the band had a break in August and this largely coincided with his treatment.

Phil is well on the way to recovery and has been back with us since the break, and is slowly gathering strength (he’s still hopeless, but we love him!)

That’s the good news.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Dave has been struck by the same illness and he has absolutely no option but to take time out and concentrate on himself. This decision is 100% supported by the band and we wish Dave a speedy recovery and a swift return.

Although the news comes at a busy time of year, with Dave’s blessing, we took the decision NOT to cancel any upcoming shows and continue to play.

After an extensive search for the right person, we are delighted to welcome Danny Shayler to the band! We liked him immediately and with his expertise we will continue to give our venues the great show they are used to.  His details will appear in the “Band” section when we can get a decent photo!  Danny’s first outing is at The Ranelagh in Brighton on 27th of this month (a great place to start), so come down, take a peek and make him feel welcome. 9.00pm sharp!

Things Are Starting To Move Along……

…..for next year already. First two gigs in the book are at one of our regular venues, the lovely Neptune in Hove. One at the end of April, one at the end of September, details in the gig guide (as if you wouldn’t have guessed that!). Don’t wait until then though to catch us, there are a few gigs in the guide between now and Christmas and if hanging out in The Nep is your thang,  don’t forget we’ll be there on New Year’s Eve for a Bluestastic Blast into January!

The Snowdrop Rocks!

We had a fantastic night at the Snowdrop on Saturday night!  A good crowd who showed a lot of love and enthusiasm for the band, lots of dancing, lots of clapping and cheering, who could ask for more? Well, they did at the end so we gave it to them! We had the marvellous Mr. Pete O’Connell on drums for the evening as Chris was away at a wedding – one rehearsal and straight in to the hot seat (or on to the hot stool,  really)! We had a few slightly alternative endings, but it was great fun and I’m sure he’ll be back with us in the future.  We were overwhelmed by the number of people who took the time to say hello at the end and tell us how much they had enjoyed their evening. Thanks to all of you, it really makes it all worthwhile when you get that sort of appreciation.  We’ll be back here next year, and we hope to see you all again. Keep your eyes on the gig guide! Next gig is The Ranelagh, Kemp Town, towards the end of October. Another of our favourite venues – aren’t they all these days, which is a great thing to be able to say!

Back At the Neptune….

Last Saturday saw us back at The Neptune after our summer break, and it was good to be back! Some of you will know that I have not been too well over the last few months which meant that unfortunately I missed the last gig before the summer at The Eagle. I’d like to add my thanks to Jim Bryan for stepping in at the very last minute – it was much appreciated and thanks also to Rob for writing the gig report. Still, I’m well on the mend and it was great being back on stage with the band. We were very well received as usual at the Nep, and congratulations again to Tina and Bill Turner who came on their wedding anniversary! We’re back at the Nep for New Years Eve – the third year running! – from 9 until 2018 so come and join us for the best NYE blues party around!

Don’t wait until then to catch us though, this Saturday we are at The Snowdrop Inn, Lewes. Hope to see you there…..

The Eagle has landed !

A very big thank you to all who came to The Eagle gig on July 14th( its been hectic at Railroad HQ and we almost overlooked this half term report!), we had a great night, as we always do at this fabulous venue. It was a tad warm on a gorgeous summers evening, and it was lovely  to see many familiar faces.

Thanks to Eileen and the girls for taking care of us. Special thanks to the very professional Jim Bryan for stepping in on Bass for the evening at short notice, it’s very much appreciated mate and we enjoyed having you! We return to the Eagle on Friday 10th November, put it in your diary, you won’t be disappointed!

We are all shooting off in different directions for our summer holidays now, we return with a bang at the Neptune in Hove on Saturday 09th September.
Thank you to all who have supported us thus far this year,  and see you all real soon.


Louise has been busy expanding our Railroad shop ! We now offer two T-Shirt designs and Mugs ! All reasonably priced of course, we have been using the same company for a while now, they have been reliable, safe and of quality, so we feel confident in offering more products to you, Christmas is only 5 months away after all!

Sweltering In Shoreham-By-Sea…..

A hot hot hot night last night at The Duke of Wellington but we kept rocking right up until the end! We were having so much fun it was 11.30 before we knew it!

Thanks to all of you who came, we really appreciate your support.

Next gig is a return to The Eagle in Arundel, our last gig before our summer break so catch us while you can!