February Friday Firecracker!

What an absolutely fantastic gig at The Eagle last Friday.  The weather was less than promising, cold wet and  miserable but a fair few were there to greet us including some old friends (see you at the open mic, Daz – you’re not getting away with hiding your light under a bushel for much longer!)and a steady trickle then a stream of folks arriving until the place was absolutely packed. Lot’s of laughter, lot’s of dancing, lot’s of feeling good all around. We couldn’t ask for a more engaged and responsive crowd: you really raised the roof and by the end of the night it seemed as if you’s blown it clean off! If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a strict 11.00 finish I think you would have kept us playing until breakfast time. I don’t think we’ve had a better one. Just goes to show that if you put a great band in a great venue like the Eagle everyone comes out and has fun. Thanks again to you all for making it such a terrific night. We’re back at The Eagle in April, so if you missed this one you really shouldn’t miss the next!

After a short hiccough The Ranelagh in Brighton is open again and we’re one of the first bands booked under the new management. There will be less music nights and more variety, so we were really pleased to be invited back. If you wan’t to keep this venue flourishing for all types of live music please come and support the bands, and especially us! We’re there in a fortnight on Saturday the 18th, so put the date in your diary and come out to play! Details (as ever!)  in the gig guide.

2017 Starts With A Bang!

A great start to the New Year at the Duke of Wellington last Friday: nice and busy, hot but not too hot, and the usual music loving enthusiastic crowd. A few old faces in the audience, and a fair sprinkling of folks from other bands too!

We were joined by our good friend Mr. Stuart McCord on drums for the night as Chris couldn’t make it, and he did his usual excellent job of keeping it all together at the back. Thanks again, Stuart.

It was our long time friend and regular supporter (and often Rob’s roadie) James’s birthday, so he was treated to a dedicated version of the Wagon Wheel song, as we know he’s quite a fan of circular chocolate and marshmallow sweeties, plus a little present from us of some Wagon Wheels of his very own that I’m sure he’s probably polished off by now!

The bang in the title was Dave’s lovely little Two Rock amplifier which started to smoke half way through the second set, much to Stuarts consternation as he could see the smoke coming towards him,  and then went off pop! A quick rejig mid-song saw Dave plugged in to Rob’s harmonica amp, and Rob disappearing off stage to return with a mic and lead, plugged in to the PA and ready to play just before his solo while Stuart the drummer and I kept the song going! Smart timing from the man in the blue suit! Hopefully it’s just a touch of valve trouble and nothing too serious.

We were joined on stage for an encore by Martin Cramp on vocals for a blast though “Get A Haircut And Get A Real Job” and he did a great job. Thanks Martin, and thanks for all the plugs on Spiral Radio too. Maybe we’ll get t play live on air this year…..who knows!

Next gig is our first of the year at The Eagle in Arundel – a great place to play and we are all looking forward to it. Hope you can make it for what should be another rocking night. As always – see the gig guide for details!


Happy New Year!

…….says it all really!

We had a great night at The Neptune last night, we played hard and long to lot’s of old friends, made some new friends (didn’t you, Rob? Mmmm lovely coffee!), the place was full to bursting, everyone singing along to Auld Land Syne at the end: couldn’t have been better.  Thanks to Mary and the rest of the staff for making us welcome and to Helen for going around with the jug a second time – can’t thank you enough. We’ve been booked for next NYE too. What better start to the year could there be!

Next gig is at The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham, Friday the 13th (spooky!). For those of you who couldn’t make NYE, be great to see you at the start of 2017.

Thank you all for your support in 2016, hope you have a great time in the coming year, see you at a gig or two (or three, or four….) in 2017!

Phil, Rob, Dave and Chris

So Here It Is…..

Merry Christmas.  (apologies, Noddy – although I did get someone call it out behind me in a pub in West Wales once, but that’ts another story…..)

The end of the year is in sight, the gigs have all been played – except New Years Eve: Come on down to The Neptune  in Hove for what should be a great night,it was last year that’s why we’re doing it again! We’ve been rehearsing hard for it and have some new songs and some old favourites to get you moving and a grooving until the clock strikes 12. What else would you rather be doing, who else would you rather be doing it with and where else would you rather be!

We’ve had a great year, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, played 20+ gigs in some really nice places and are booked to play most of them again next year –  17 gigs and counting so far! Thanks to all of you for supporting us throughout the year, if you didn’t come we wouldn’t be doing it so it is all about you, it really is.

First gig of the New Year is The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham on Friday the 13th of January (good job we’re not superstitious….), if you really can’t make it New Year’s Eve, come on down to The Welly and blow the January blues away with a night of the Blues! As always, see the Gig Guide for details!

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, Merry Christmas, people, and a Happy New Year from all of us in the band.


October Double Header…..

Self explanatory, really!  Firstly a return to The Eagle, Arundel which is now a firm favourite with all the boys in the band. A cracking gig, a little slow to start but once it was rolling it was flat out all the way to the end. We had some of our American cousins in the audience, Laura Lee Lockett (I hope I’ve spelt that correctly!), her brother Scott and her partner Paul plus four more who’s names I didn’t quite catch. Sorry guys! They were having a great time although it was a touch surreal playing blues to people who come from the American South. They reckoned we made a good job of it and were most complimentary. Thanks to you all, it was great to have you with us. And thanks to everyone else who came to see us and made it into another great gig.

Saturday was the Royal British Legion. What can I say? We got the same welcome we always get when we play at the Legion, and some nice comments afterwards. Thanks to those of you who took the trouble to say hi – especially the chap on his way home with his takeaway pizza who shook my hand as we were loading up after the gig. It really does mean a lot when people show their appreciation.

Next gig is anew venue (and one we are really looking forward to), The Snowdrop in Lewes. If you’ve not been there before, come and join us at this lovely place for an evening of top class tunes.

Gigs have been rolling in for next year, and the Gig Guide is now showing next years gigs all the way up to next November! See you all soon!

Blues At Barns Green…….

Last Saturday saw us make our first appearance at Barns Green and Itchingfield Sports and Social Club. A lovely venue, great stage, friendly and appreciative crowd, just what we like! Numbers were a bit depleted owing to the Barns Green Half Marathon the following morning: a lot of folks were either hard at work at the club all day organising, or having a very early start the following day, or both! Still, a good time was had by all that were there and we’ll be back next year for a couple of dates.

Next up is a return to a great venue, The Eagle, Arundel , and then the following night at Seaford Royal  British Legion where we are delighted to have Mr. Stuart McCord on drums. Stuart has helped us out before (and will again, no doubt!) and we’re looking forward to playing with him.

Bookings are now rolling in for next year: two dates at The Neptune in Hove, one of our favourites. As usual, see the gig guide for details!


September Swelters On……

Yep, September is proving to be really hot, and not just the weather! From a gentle start, last Friday’s gig at The Ranelagh turned into  real blast. Folks just kept arriving until the place was full, standing room only! Those of you who have been to this great Blues venue before will know that when it’s full the atmosphere is fantastic, as everyone comes to enjoy the music and their enthusiasm on nights like this makes it a terrific place to play. Everyone crammed in and a hot and sweaty band working hard to keep the audience grooving along – you Just can’t beat it! A big thank you to you all for your support, and a special thanks to Andrew our new Canadian friend on the first night of his trip to Europe from Vancouver. He came out looking for some music and boy did he find some! He stayed all night and insisted on buying all the boys in the band a beer at the end. Top man.

Next gig is a new venue for us (again!), next Saturday the 24th at Barns Green Sports and Social club near Horsham. No need to be a member, those of you who want to come and see us can be signed in on the night, so come along and join us at what promises to be a great gig. Details, as ever, in the gig guide.

Stop Press: We’re booking for next year already! The Eagle Arundel are the first to get things rolling with four dates,  it’s going to be a busy year!

Back With A Bang!

We played our first gigs back after the summer break yesterday, starting at “Tyefest” in the afternoon on a slightly blustery day on top of Telscombe Tye. The sun came out while we played, which was fantastic and we really enjoyed the whole thing.  It was the second year running for us and it was great to catch up with some old friends (Hi Floss! thanks for the photos!) and  we should be back again next year. Thanks again to Phil Nye and Brighton Unsigned and Roy The Sound Guy for making us welcome and sound great. A big thanks from me to Mike Harwood from The Stuntmen for the use of his bass rig (again!)


Off to Brighton for a bite to eat, and then we were on at The Neptune in the evening. The band arrived to find that Tyefest had finished early due to rain setting in with a vengeance so Phil and Floss and various others had made their way down to The Nep to see us. We were very flattered, they stayed all night, and boy was it a warm one. Steamy, close and hot. Very hot. Did I tell you how hot it was? It was hot. Just the right atmosphere for some blues with a deep down dirty groove. A great night, clapping, cheering, dancing, heckling (thanks again, Phil Nye!) as it always is at The Nep – we’ll be back on New Years Eve so make it a date!

Next up is a return to The Ranelagh in Kemp Town, a venue which simply oozes the Blues, on the 16th of September. Hope to see you there…..

Holiday Time Is Here…..

We rounded off the first half of the year with a lovely night at The Eagle in Arundel on the 11th of June where Eileen always makes us feel very welcome and a great gig at The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham on the Saturday before last.  Busy, hot and a great crowd contributed to one of the best all round gigs of the year. They kindly switched on the camera too, so we got some really good footage of the band:

We’ll be back there, but not until next year.

We’re all off on our holidays now, so we’ll see you all in September: kicking off on the 3rd September at Tyfest in the afternoon followed by The Neptune in Hove in the evening.

As usual, see the gig guide for details!

The Year Is Going By Faster Than Ever!

The year is racing along and we’re clinging on! We have two more gigs booked, and one new venue!  The new venue is The Snowdrop Inn,  Lewes, where we are booked for the 19th of November.  Really looking forward to our first gig in Lewes, we’ve been trying to find just the right place to play in the town for a while and I think we’ve cracked it. Lovely pub, with a lot of charm – just the sort of place we love playing, which brings me to the other gig: an autumn slot in October for one of our favourites, The Eagle in Arundel, where we’ll be on Saturday week, the 11th of June. Come on down to this really hospitable pub and enjoy the show – should be a belter and a summer swelter!

These two bookings mean that the year is almost full for us – we’ve got two Saturdays left and a few Fridays if we need to squeeze another gig in and it’s only June! You can see what I mean about the year racing away. And now the dull part, you know what’s coming but there is no other way to say it, see the gig guide for details!