Rob Allen – Harmonica/Vocals

Rob joined the band in 2014, and as well as playing a mean harp, he sings backing vocals too!                                               We felt we had no choice about asking him to be a permanent member of the band after he blew so hard at one rehearsal he had a heart attack (that’s true, folks!).

In his own words:

“I started playing with a plastic child’s toy, stolen from my son who was using it as a weapon! Bought my first “Hohner Special 20” a short while later, discovered the great Charlie Musselwhite and was completely hooked. Self taught with great help from “The Caws Brothers” and their related bands, who pushed, cajoled and encouraged me all the way to live playing and I have never looked back. Thanks Guys. Influences are Lee Brilleaux, Mark Feltham, Jason Ricci, Sugar Blue and many, many others!”

Rob uses Suzuki Manji Bluemoon harmonicas, and Fender Bassman /Lone Wolf Harp Train amplifiers.